Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wedding Bells Ring for Woman Who Lost 106 Pounds with Isagenix

Wedding Bells Ring for Woman Who Lost 106 Pounds with Isagenix*

Mary Sampson, a member of the Isagenix 100-Pound Club, said cleansing made the difference in her ability to finally lose weight.
Chandler, Ariz. – July 3, 2006 – After losing 106 pounds with Isagenix, 48-year-old Mary Sampson of Muskegon, Mich. said her romance with long-time friend Melvin Murray suddenly took a major leap forward.* Sampson and Murray recently became engaged and will be married July 15.

While falling in love wasn’t a problem for the couple, Sampson explained that her unhealthy weight of 259 pounds had been an issue. After trying several weight-loss programs that failed, Sampson said she and her fiancé couldn’t believe the results she received with Isagenix.

"I’ve never been thin; I’ve tried every diet there ever was," said Sampson. "Isagenix has totally changed my life, my outlook and how I carry myself—it’s just been wonderful. I’m just thrilled that I’m going to get married."

"It’s great to hear such amazing success stories about our products," said Isagenix Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales Kathy Coover. "We send Mary all of our best wishes!"

Cleansing Made the Difference

Sampson explained that what finally provided her results was Isagenix’s approach to improving health and promoting weight loss through effective internal cleansing, as well as through good nutrition and safely reducing caloric intake.

"It’s totally different from any other diet. I want to share it with everyone," said Sampson, whose colleagues now call asking about the program that worked for her. "There are so many gimmicks out there. People don’t realize how good [Isagenix] really is."

Mary’s weight-loss success earned her a spot on stage with the Isagenix 100-Pound Club at the Isagenix 2005 Celebration.

"I was nervous, but loved walking across the stage," she said.

She began with Isagenix in September 2004 after her local friend Ginny King shared her own weight-loss success story with her. Sampson said she felt healthier after she tried the products and was soon "totally hooked." She plans to continue the program for the rest of her life.

*Results may vary. In a recent study, the average weight loss for participants following the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System was seven pounds in the first nine days.

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