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Firefigher losses 119 pounds

Firefighter Extinguishes Unhealthy Lifestyle, Loses 119 Pounds*

Marvin Boldt Before

Firefighter Extinguishes Unhealthy Lifestyle, Loses 119 Pounds*

Chandler, Ariz. – Feb 1, 2007 – Marvin Boldt of Traer, Iowa, found his health spiraling downward when his weight spiraled up to more than 380 pounds. Thus far, Boldt has dropped more than 70 inches in body mass and lost 119 pounds* by following the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System. His waist size went from a 56 to a 42.*

Four heart procedures and a stroke left Boldt—past President of the Iowa Firemen’s Association and a volunteer firefighter and EMT for more than 30 years—with the belief that he might not live to see another year.
“I had struggled with my weight all of my life, but then the issue became critical,” said Boldt about the stress, poor eating habits and lack of exercise, which led him down a perilous path. “I’d tried every diet on the market... Click here to read the rest of the article

Monday, November 20, 2006

Diet Tips for the Holiday Season!

Diet Tips for the Holidays

Calories in a Holiday Meal - A Sample of a Traditional Holiday Meal

Here are some more tips that will help keep you from tipping the scales this holiday season:

  • Skip those tempting appetizers. Each luscious and sinful bite contains about 100 calories or more a pop! It's not worth it. Instead, focus on enjoying an entire slice of pie with your holiday meal.
  • Opt for unsweetened beverages. Sweeten with no calorie packets. A lemon or lime will add beauty to your beverage without spiking up the calories.
  • Speaking of spiking - trot away from the holiday spirits and save a ton of calories (and hiccups to boot!).
  • Allow the no calorie butter sprays to become your very comfortable crutch! If you opt for real butter/margarine, try to use sparingly - about one half the amount you usually use.
  • Cranberry sauce is very high in calories. It's very deceiving because it's made from fruit (the cranberry). In fact, the innocent looking cranberry was probably the culprit in the Garden of Eden rather than the good apple.
  • Pecan pie. "Just say NO." It's pure unadulterated sugar! White sugar, brown sugar, and syrup AND nuts. So, steer clear if you are watching your waistline.
  • Leave the cheese balls and the nut dish alone. Let your skinny Aunt Freda devour at will. As for the nuts, they contain about 400 calories per cup and are extremely high in fat.
  • Don't feel obligated to eat anything that you don't want to. Many times, people innocently concoct a holiday goody that's loaded with so much sugar that it would give an army of bats rotten teeth. If you find yourself locked in a situation where you just can't say no, then take the treat and discretely find a method of disposal. (Don't give kitty or puppy anything containing chocolate.) (Don't flush large objects down the toilet.)
  • Eat very slowly and savor each and every bite. It takes about 20 minutes before your stomach registers what your mouth put inside.
  • Dinner - try to eat very light OR skip entirely.

Although 1,240 calories is nothing to brag about, it's a lot better than 4,575, isn't it? You can cut the calorie/fat content further still by omitting items from your holiday meal. For instance, settle for just one dessert or omit either the mashed potato or the sweet potato. Forego the cranberry sauce, or have a small Tablespoon instead.

To read the rest of the article click here.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Puerto Rico National Basketball Team Chooses Isagenix

Puerto Rico National Basketball Team Chooses Isagenix

Associates Roberto and Kerensa Pérez and Noel Santos (left to right) with the Puerto Rico National Basketball Team.
Chandler, Ariz. – June 19, 2006 – The Puerto Rico National Basketball Team chose Isagenix today as official supplier of nutritional supplements. The team, currently preparing for the upcoming 2006 FIBA World Basketball Tournament, made world headlines when they defeated Team U.S.A. 92-73 in their opening game at the 2004 Olympic Summer Games in Athens.
Puerto Rico’s Team Administrator and Physical Trainer Victor Vargas and Team Physician Dr. Michael Gonzalez sought the sponsorship to help increase endurance and shorten recovery time for the athletes.
"We’ve witnessed the effectiveness that comes from using Isagenix," said Dr. Gonzalez. "The products are superior in quality and have a broad base to fill nutritional gaps." Under Dr. Gonzalez’s supervision, the team will follow a nutrition program utilizing Isagenix products—including Ionix Supreme and C-Lyte. The team will also use the Isagenix electrolyte drink, Want More Energy?, during practices and games.
"Isagenix is committed to providing ‘no-compromise’ products that will make a difference," said Isagenix President and CEO Jim Coover. "We’re honored and pleased to provide nutritional products for the Puerto Rico National Team."
Slated to Face U.S. Team First… Again
At the FIBA World Basketball Tournament Aug. 19 to Sept. 3 in Japan, Puerto Rico will—once again—open against the U.S. National Team. The islanders, representing their small population of only four million, plan to be as prepared as possible.
"The players show superior skill and teamwork, but they lack the sustained energy needed to play at their best for long periods of time," said Dr. Gonzalez. "With help from Isagenix, we want to get the players back to the same physical level they had when they beat the U.S. team in 2004."
The team plans to travel and compete extensively before the tournament in the U.S., China and Central America. Return to Press Releases

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wedding Bells Ring for Woman Who Lost 106 Pounds with Isagenix

Wedding Bells Ring for Woman Who Lost 106 Pounds with Isagenix*

Mary Sampson, a member of the Isagenix 100-Pound Club, said cleansing made the difference in her ability to finally lose weight.
Chandler, Ariz. – July 3, 2006 – After losing 106 pounds with Isagenix, 48-year-old Mary Sampson of Muskegon, Mich. said her romance with long-time friend Melvin Murray suddenly took a major leap forward.* Sampson and Murray recently became engaged and will be married July 15.

While falling in love wasn’t a problem for the couple, Sampson explained that her unhealthy weight of 259 pounds had been an issue. After trying several weight-loss programs that failed, Sampson said she and her fiancé couldn’t believe the results she received with Isagenix.

"I’ve never been thin; I’ve tried every diet there ever was," said Sampson. "Isagenix has totally changed my life, my outlook and how I carry myself—it’s just been wonderful. I’m just thrilled that I’m going to get married."

"It’s great to hear such amazing success stories about our products," said Isagenix Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales Kathy Coover. "We send Mary all of our best wishes!"

Cleansing Made the Difference

Sampson explained that what finally provided her results was Isagenix’s approach to improving health and promoting weight loss through effective internal cleansing, as well as through good nutrition and safely reducing caloric intake.

"It’s totally different from any other diet. I want to share it with everyone," said Sampson, whose colleagues now call asking about the program that worked for her. "There are so many gimmicks out there. People don’t realize how good [Isagenix] really is."

Mary’s weight-loss success earned her a spot on stage with the Isagenix 100-Pound Club at the Isagenix 2005 Celebration.

"I was nervous, but loved walking across the stage," she said.

She began with Isagenix in September 2004 after her local friend Ginny King shared her own weight-loss success story with her. Sampson said she felt healthier after she tried the products and was soon "totally hooked." She plans to continue the program for the rest of her life.

*Results may vary. In a recent study, the average weight loss for participants following the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System was seven pounds in the first nine days.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Isagenix Seeks to Solve America’s Calcium Deficiency Problem with New Non-dairy, Low-Sugar Calcium Drink

According the US department of agriculture, 75% of Americans have a Calcium deficiency.

Isagenix Seeks to Solve America’s Calcium Deficiency Problem with New Non-dairy, Low-Sugar Calcium Drink.

CHANDLER, Ariz. – Aug. 21, 2006 – Calcium is one of the most lacked nutrients in the North American diet; 75 percent of the U.S. population is calcium deficient, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Calcium deficiency can lead to bone frailty and possible osteoporosis, a serious disease that can lead to fracture. Drinking quarts of milk, however, is not necessarily a good choice for calcium supplementation—especially for the lactose intolerant. Nor is swallowing calcium-rich tablets that are often large and "chalky" tasting. Isagenix, in its continual quest to produce no-compromise products, feels its just-launched IsaCal calcium drink is the answer for helping battle calcium deficiency.

IsaCal, announced to the field Aug. 20 at the 2006 Celebration in Las Vegas, tastes like strawberries and cream, is lactose free, and has only 1 gram of sugar. It includes 1,100 mg of calcium lactate gluconate (CLG) per serving, which provides more than three times the amount of calcium found in a glass of whole milk, but without the fat and lactose. CLG, a relatively new source of calcium, has a neutral taste and dissolves quickly in liquid, making it easy for consumers to drink and absorb it into their bodies.

It wasn’t just CLG’s ease of use that caught Isagenix’s attention, but its bioavailability.

"When I first heard there’s an organic, non-dairy source of calcium that was virtually tasteless and highly soluble, I became very excited," said Isagenix Founder and Formulator John Anderson. "But I didn’t decide to get it for Isagenix until I found out how well CLG works in the body—then I knew it was the right ingredient."

Anderson explained that along with weight-bearing exercise, studies show CLG compares well or better against other calcium salts for helping to increase bone density. Helping enhance bone density is a strong determinant of actual bone strength.

"This type of calcium is proven to work and is easy for consumption of people of all ages," said Dennis Harper, D.O., who added that IsaCal’s strawberry taste, low sugar and lack of lactose makes it ideal for diabetics, vegetarians or those who are lactose-intolerant.

Along with CLG, IsaCal also includes vitamin D, magnesium oxide, silica (from bamboo and horsetail) and boron citrate.

"You’ve got to have each of these nutrients for healthy bones," Anderson said.

"Once again John has succeeded to take the guesswork out of searching for correct nutrition," said Isagenix President and CEO Jim Coover. "With IsaCal, anybody can be sure to get a healthy amount of calcium and other nutrients every day for optimal health."

IsaCal can be purchased through Independent Isagenix Associates throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Men and Boys Need Calcium, but Women and Girls Need it Most

Calcium deficiency research by the United States Department of Agriculture shows that, in general, all may need more calcium, but mothers and wives (adult women ages 20 and above) are most likely to have a deficiency—closely followed by teenage daughters (girls ages 12-19). (See graph.)
USDA’s Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals, 1994-96

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Journey to 63 kg with Isagenix' diet plan - Day 20 - 30

After 30 days with the program
Before the 30 day program (apologies if the picture is a bit dark)

It has been a while since my last blog. I have been hectic with work and travelling. The whole exercise of me testing Isagenix product has been very successful. When I was away on a business trip just recently, I had to take the products with me as part of my diet program. The diet plan was challenging and definitely having discipline is crutial.

So what is the verdict?

Druuummmsssss pllleeeaaase.

Weight - 65.5 kg

Waist - 82 cm ( 32.33 inches )

The whole purpose of this exercise it to give the Isagenix product a go for 30 days. The product has been introduced to me by a friend who just came back from the US last March. I purchased the product online and got it sent over here.

As an athlete, I haven't trained for 6 months and I have gained weight significantly. The heaviest I have ever been of 71 - 72kg. And my normal weight is between 63-64 kg.

Even though I missed my goal of 63 kg, 65 kg is a great result. An outstanding loss of 7kg. I promise you I wasn't starving nor eating once a day, I was eating twice a day and 1 replacement meal of the Isagenix shake. The cleansing drink made a big difference as it flushed out all the bad things in the inside. The product also burns the fat faster and maintains the muscle mass. If you need to know more please click here.

The Verdict of ISAGENIX - 10/10. It's a great product with great, natural, organic ingredients and I definitely felt a lot more energy. The cleansing drink is just magic. I feel clean in the inside. I don't feel lathargic during the day nor sloppy.

I highly recommend this product and once this product will be in Australia, I will be introducing it to everyone who wants to lose weight without starving yourself, wants more energy, and have a healthier lifestyle. I know there are plenty of competitive products out there and I have tested most of them. Nothing compares it to this one!

Thank you for visiting my blog and I will update this blog as much as I can with articles about Diet plans, diet programs, and other health issues.

Friday, June 23, 2006

My Journey to 63 kg with Isagenix' diet plan - Day 11-19

Wow! It has been 9 days since my last post. Things have been hectic these past 9 days and not to worry, I haven't forgotten about my diet plan. I have been monitoring my weight and my waist size everyday.
The point of this exercise is to see if the diet plan or diet program given by the product - Isagenix will give me the results I would like. My goal to this diet program is to go back to my normal weight of 63kg - 64kg. I have gained 8kg during the Christmas period and my weight prior to me taking the Isagenix products was 71kg with a waist size of 35 inches which I was normally 32 inches.

Since my last post of my diet plan, my weight 9 days ago was 68.5 kg and my waist size was 34 inches.

As of today, Day 19

My current weight is: drruuummsss please!! - 67.8 kg!!

My current weight is: drruuummsss please!! - 33.25 inches!!


I feel good, I feel very clean in the inside, and I feel a lot of more energy even though my average sleep lately is 5-6 hrs.

All I have been doing is following their diet plan, taking the products, eating good healthy and nutritious food, exercising 5 days a week, and having a junk food of your choice once a week. For instance last Sunday - June 18, I had BBQ chicken and chips. Did it affect my eating lifestyle? No! Did I gain weight? No! The other day, I also had a thick chocolate cake that my sister made and boy was it yummy.
I have read, that the product is designed to burn fat faster when you combine it with exercise. If you need to find out more about the products click here.

Till Next time!


News Flash! - Article

Isagenix Press Release
Leading Cancer and Vitamin-C Research Team Praises Isagenix Products for Superior Quality

Drs. Michael J. Gonzalez (left) and Jorge R. Miranda-Missari (right) say Isagenix products outclass others.
Chandler, Ariz. - May 30, 2006 - Leading cancer and vitamin-C researchers Michael J. Gonzalez, Ph.D., D.Sc., and Jorge R. Miranda-Missari, Pharm. D., of the University of Puerto Rico said they use Isagenix products for their better quality.

The scientists-who also consult various athletes and sport teams-recommend Isagenix products to anyone looking for a way to help fill nutritional gaps. They said Isagenix Ionix Supreme's "concentrated formula with a broad base" of nutrients is especially helpful to the body. Dr. Gonzalez said, "I've seen its effectiveness."

Dr. Miranda-Missari agreed: "You need something like Isagenix products to give your system a boost."

Dr. Gonzalez confirmed that most people should also be supplementing with a "good" vitamin C product. He said Isagenix C-Lyte is "more than good."

"Compared to many on the market, it's my favorite," said Dr. Gonzalez. "The Isagenix vitamin C is a more complete system that's gentler and has minerals and enzymes."

Researching Vitamin C and Cancer

Drs. Gonzalez and Miranda-Missari lead the Bio-Communications Research Institute's RECNAC II project team in Puerto Rico that has published more than 20 articles about vitamin C and cancer since 1999. The team-advancing initial research made by the late Hugh Riordan-has found new evidence that high-dose IV-therapy vitamin C kills cancerous tumor cells.

The scientists hope that through RECNAC II they can introduce a new conventional cancer treatment using vitamin C in the near future."We want to come up with a non-toxic way to treat cancer," said Dr. Gonzalez. "Chemotherapy is highly toxic."

The National Institute of Health confirmed RECNAC II's research concept in a Sep. 12, 2005 issue of the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, according to the Orthomedical Medicine News Service. The team's latest article appears in the December 2005 issue of Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal.

Cancer treatment with vitamin C was first researched by Nobel-prize winner Linus Pauling in the 1970s.

High-Quality Nutritional Supplements

Drs. Gonzalez and Miranda-Missari believe strongly that staying healthy in our modern world depends not only on a balanced diet and exercise, but on nutritional supplementation. They added that supplements should be high-quality products like those created by Isagenix.

"You can't use cheap this or that," said Dr. Gonzalez. "This is health! We're not talking about just anything."

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