Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Journey to 63 kg with Isagenix' diet plan - Day 20 - 30

After 30 days with the program
Before the 30 day program (apologies if the picture is a bit dark)

It has been a while since my last blog. I have been hectic with work and travelling. The whole exercise of me testing Isagenix product has been very successful. When I was away on a business trip just recently, I had to take the products with me as part of my diet program. The diet plan was challenging and definitely having discipline is crutial.

So what is the verdict?

Druuummmsssss pllleeeaaase.

Weight - 65.5 kg

Waist - 82 cm ( 32.33 inches )

The whole purpose of this exercise it to give the Isagenix product a go for 30 days. The product has been introduced to me by a friend who just came back from the US last March. I purchased the product online and got it sent over here.

As an athlete, I haven't trained for 6 months and I have gained weight significantly. The heaviest I have ever been of 71 - 72kg. And my normal weight is between 63-64 kg.

Even though I missed my goal of 63 kg, 65 kg is a great result. An outstanding loss of 7kg. I promise you I wasn't starving nor eating once a day, I was eating twice a day and 1 replacement meal of the Isagenix shake. The cleansing drink made a big difference as it flushed out all the bad things in the inside. The product also burns the fat faster and maintains the muscle mass. If you need to know more please click here.

The Verdict of ISAGENIX - 10/10. It's a great product with great, natural, organic ingredients and I definitely felt a lot more energy. The cleansing drink is just magic. I feel clean in the inside. I don't feel lathargic during the day nor sloppy.

I highly recommend this product and once this product will be in Australia, I will be introducing it to everyone who wants to lose weight without starving yourself, wants more energy, and have a healthier lifestyle. I know there are plenty of competitive products out there and I have tested most of them. Nothing compares it to this one!

Thank you for visiting my blog and I will update this blog as much as I can with articles about Diet plans, diet programs, and other health issues.