Friday, June 09, 2006

My Journey to 63 kg with Isagenix' diet plan - Day 5

Day 5

It's sunny outside today and cold. After a 6 hour sleep, I got up prior to the Australian market opening and when I checked my weight today, I was...(drrummss please)

Current weight: 69.5 kg. No change today!
Current waste: 34.6 inches. Gained .25 inches

Mmmm... So what was different from yesterday?

When, I woke up this morning, I felt bloated. I did an experiment from my food intake last night.

For Dinner, I ate a lot. I had like 2.5 big plates. What my mom cooked last night was different and absolutely tasty. She made the following:

  • Mung sprouts salad with pieces of egg and bacon tossed with vinegar, a touch of soy sauce, and sesame oil.
  • Beef stew with fennel, beans, sun dried tomatoes, and tomato sauce.
  • Rice.

I skipped taking the Isashake and took the Isacleanse instead. I didn't even take the accelerator tablet.

So, from that experiment alone, I didn't gain weight but maintained the weight. The bloatedness I believe is from eating too much carbs. In this case, too much rice. Also, I didn't exercise yesterday so the result is still good.

I received an e-mail today stating whether I am purposely not eating. If I was in a competition mode, perhaps a little less carbs and plenty of vegetables and fruit. On the other hand since this whole experiment is based on the product I am currently testing, I am following their diet program. So I would like to stress out clearly that I am eating very well.

So, for all you skeptics out there, it's time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

I have a philosophy that I implemented in my life. "You will never ever know, if you will never ever go!" Test something and then evaluate it whether it's good for you or not! I am talking here about the good things in life not the bad ones. ie: drugs or alcohol. :)

For breakfast:
1 glass of the Isashake
1 glass of water mixed with the Isaclean
1 tablet of the accelerator
1 apple

Since, I had my breakfast a bit late, the time between my break fast and lunch was less than 2 hrs.

For Lunch:
I had a big lunch.
1 glass of water mixed with the Isaclean
2 glasses of water
A plate and a half of Stir fried vegetables with rice.

I am currently visiting and living at my parents house and it's a bit of a challenge because my mom is an outstanding cook.

In summary, I have been eating the foods I love and with the aid of the diet plan with the products, I am still getting the results I wanted.

Today, I would need to be more disciplined and follow the diet program. hehehe! :)


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