Friday, June 23, 2006

My Journey to 63 kg with Isagenix' diet plan - Day 11-19

Wow! It has been 9 days since my last post. Things have been hectic these past 9 days and not to worry, I haven't forgotten about my diet plan. I have been monitoring my weight and my waist size everyday.
The point of this exercise is to see if the diet plan or diet program given by the product - Isagenix will give me the results I would like. My goal to this diet program is to go back to my normal weight of 63kg - 64kg. I have gained 8kg during the Christmas period and my weight prior to me taking the Isagenix products was 71kg with a waist size of 35 inches which I was normally 32 inches.

Since my last post of my diet plan, my weight 9 days ago was 68.5 kg and my waist size was 34 inches.

As of today, Day 19

My current weight is: drruuummsss please!! - 67.8 kg!!

My current weight is: drruuummsss please!! - 33.25 inches!!


I feel good, I feel very clean in the inside, and I feel a lot of more energy even though my average sleep lately is 5-6 hrs.

All I have been doing is following their diet plan, taking the products, eating good healthy and nutritious food, exercising 5 days a week, and having a junk food of your choice once a week. For instance last Sunday - June 18, I had BBQ chicken and chips. Did it affect my eating lifestyle? No! Did I gain weight? No! The other day, I also had a thick chocolate cake that my sister made and boy was it yummy.
I have read, that the product is designed to burn fat faster when you combine it with exercise. If you need to find out more about the products click here.

Till Next time!


News Flash! - Article

Isagenix Press Release
Leading Cancer and Vitamin-C Research Team Praises Isagenix Products for Superior Quality

Drs. Michael J. Gonzalez (left) and Jorge R. Miranda-Missari (right) say Isagenix products outclass others.
Chandler, Ariz. - May 30, 2006 - Leading cancer and vitamin-C researchers Michael J. Gonzalez, Ph.D., D.Sc., and Jorge R. Miranda-Missari, Pharm. D., of the University of Puerto Rico said they use Isagenix products for their better quality.

The scientists-who also consult various athletes and sport teams-recommend Isagenix products to anyone looking for a way to help fill nutritional gaps. They said Isagenix Ionix Supreme's "concentrated formula with a broad base" of nutrients is especially helpful to the body. Dr. Gonzalez said, "I've seen its effectiveness."

Dr. Miranda-Missari agreed: "You need something like Isagenix products to give your system a boost."

Dr. Gonzalez confirmed that most people should also be supplementing with a "good" vitamin C product. He said Isagenix C-Lyte is "more than good."

"Compared to many on the market, it's my favorite," said Dr. Gonzalez. "The Isagenix vitamin C is a more complete system that's gentler and has minerals and enzymes."

Researching Vitamin C and Cancer

Drs. Gonzalez and Miranda-Missari lead the Bio-Communications Research Institute's RECNAC II project team in Puerto Rico that has published more than 20 articles about vitamin C and cancer since 1999. The team-advancing initial research made by the late Hugh Riordan-has found new evidence that high-dose IV-therapy vitamin C kills cancerous tumor cells.

The scientists hope that through RECNAC II they can introduce a new conventional cancer treatment using vitamin C in the near future."We want to come up with a non-toxic way to treat cancer," said Dr. Gonzalez. "Chemotherapy is highly toxic."

The National Institute of Health confirmed RECNAC II's research concept in a Sep. 12, 2005 issue of the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, according to the Orthomedical Medicine News Service. The team's latest article appears in the December 2005 issue of Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal.

Cancer treatment with vitamin C was first researched by Nobel-prize winner Linus Pauling in the 1970s.

High-Quality Nutritional Supplements

Drs. Gonzalez and Miranda-Missari believe strongly that staying healthy in our modern world depends not only on a balanced diet and exercise, but on nutritional supplementation. They added that supplements should be high-quality products like those created by Isagenix.

"You can't use cheap this or that," said Dr. Gonzalez. "This is health! We're not talking about just anything."

More Articles: Read here!


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